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Simple but successful management

The purpose of this showcase is to demonstrate my technical skills to create all the necessary elements, and to simultaneously implement a finished product online that meets the client’s goals and objectives.


Citysjukgymnasterna (Regional physiotherapists) is a private health clinic in Sweden, established 1989. The main objectives with this project was:

  • 50% more patients within one year, targeting age 25 – 40.
  • To be found on Google search with a ranking before Public medical centre, with the keywords physiotherapist + the name of the current city
  • Emphasize to visit a private clinic is not more expensive than visiting a public medical center
  • Easy to make an appointment via the mobile phone and to get directions to the clinic from any location.


Renew the graphic profile


New images and advertising materials

Photos taken by my iPhone

Establish a new domain

  • Register a new domain name that is relevant to the business
  • Establish web hosting and new email addresses, and a policy how contact information is handled

A simple website, accessible through diffrent devices

Make an appointment by phone with one click.

Establish Google services and accounts

  • Google Places
  • Google Maps
  • Google Webmasters Tools / Sitemaps
  • Google Analytics
Your total media flow on internet by Jonas Lundman

Expanding presence on the web outside the main website.

Business pages on Soical media as Google plus, Twitter and Facebook

New printed materials

Outdoor, indoor, business cards and flyers

Office documents

Document Templates for Windows Word, letters and sheets, according to the new graphic profile.

Advertising in university media

Targeting age 25 – 40 with a small budget

Cross linking and SEO optimization

Write reviews and leave footprints on the web. Submit your website to various forums and informative services.


Top ranking on Google after one year

Your total media flow on internet by Jonas Lundman

Documentations and Marketing plan

Strategy to maintain the position and to expand in the future.