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Working with Wordpress and why

I have chosen to use WordPress as much as possible of the following reasons :

  • Any experienced developer can inherit my workspace if needed
  • Each installation can easily be used in different languages
  • Security issues are guarded by many developers around the world
  • It is free to use and can be extended to almost anything
  • It is easy to backup, clone or move installed campaigns

The person who will administer and use my work probably have experience with this interface. The disadvantage is that the system can easily become slow if you do not scale down the flexibility of the final product.

Other aspects

I assemble a workspace very quickly and can maintain many campaigns simultaneously.

Three steps ahead

Through my experience working with WordPress, I can anticipate technical difficulties in project drafts and add or remove elements in the early stages.

The benefits of an Operative project manager

Redundant conversations between the involved resources will be reduced by keeping the development in-house as long as possible. I can make necessary changes and adjustments in existing open source extensions.