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Web and Social media campaign


Deliver a Web and Social media campaign from existing subway and outdoor advertisement.

  • Use the graphics from a high resolution PDF from the client’s marketing department
  • Adjust the content, typography and fonts to be suitable for the web. Make the layout as close as the main homepage
  • The Art Director has a request to make the menu as attached screenshot
  • Implement the page on a external server and domain and make it possible to monitor the traffic and get statistics from Google Analytics
  • Create a slider on the main homepage and link to the campaign
  • The campaign will also be integrated on Facebook and must fit within their interface
  • Visitors will be able to like the campaign page and share the address to their friends, as you choose from the standard Facebook “choose a friend” app
  • Each selected Fitness center must recive the javascript validated information to a unique campain email inbox

Delivered materials from client’s marketing department


  • Establish domain name, web hosting, https certification and mail inboxes
  • Register accounts and connect Google Analytics
  • Create a Facebook app and business page tabs
  • Webdesign and javascript functions


The HTML sourcecode can be viewed here and the complete folder can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

HTML page part one
HTML page part two
Received promotional ticket

Download sourcecode